Brian’s Custom Golf Cars

High Speed Modifications

For traveling around their respective communities. I find most people want to speed up their carts. This is my specialty.

Custom Wheels   

  1. -Aluminum

  2. -Chrome

  3. -Steel

Custom Tires   

  1. -Low profile

  2. -8” Turf or D.O.T.

  3. -10” Turf or D.O. T.

  4. -12” Turf or D.O.T

Speed Modifications

  1. -High speed motors

  2. -High speed gears

  3. -High output controllers

  4. -Large diameter tires

  5. -Heavy duty wires

  6. -Increased Range Battery Packs


I have  a nice selection of Club Car & Ez-Go carts to choose from and from which to build your own special creation.

Rear Seat Kits

Custom Wheels.

Sunbrella Enclosures

Cargo Beds

Custom Jack-up

Dash boards

Radio Panels

Full selection of Colored Bodies

Whatever you want to add to customize your cart we can plan the build-out together.

I enjoy most, the designing and building to specification for each individual.

Call or come in today to build yours

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